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Space, Vectors, and wee Mozillians

September 15, 2009

My life at Mozilla can be summed up in one statement – another day, another insanely fun design request.  The latest example I have for your viewing pleasure is the result of a request for branding the new Add-ons Developer … Continue reading

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Mozilla Creative Collective is Live!

August 19, 2009

Yes, that’s right, the Mozilla Creative Collective is up and running and we want you to join!  Why you say?  Well, did you know that there are achievement badges and design challenges?  Did you know you can create your own … Continue reading

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A Web Browser Renaissance

June 30, 2009

With the launch of Firefox 3.5 today, I’m excited to post an all new wallpaper to commemorate the event! Within the web today, a browsing transformation is underway.  We’re seeing constant advancement from the static browsing Middle Ages of old … Continue reading

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Skinning Fennec – Awesomebar

September 7, 2008

Next we have the awesomebar and its awesomeness in weeee mobile form.

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Skinning Fennec – Preferenes side pane

September 5, 2008

Yet another screen for your viewing pleasure!  This time we visit the preferences pane and all the goodies you can toggle within.

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Skinning Fennec – Initial Screens

September 5, 2008

We’ve been plugging away at the default theme for Fennec and I’d like to share where we are thus far in the design.  The following screens are the work in progress and any comments/concerns are always welcome!

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