Thank You, Mozlandia

Well, that was a week.

Sitting here on the Monday after, coffee in hand and reading all of the fresh new posts detailing our recent Coincidental Work Week, I’ve decided to share a few quick thoughts while they’re still fresh in my mind.

For me, last week was a particularly emotionally overwhelming one. There was high energy around once again gathering as a whole, sadness around friends/family moving on, fear in what’s next, excitement in what’s next, and a fine juggling act of trying to manage all those feels as they kicked in all at once.

The work week itself (the actual work part) was just amazing and I’m pretty sure it was the most productive travel week I’ve ever had in any job setting. Things were laid out, solutions discussed, alliances forged. Good stuff.

Then Friday hit.

So did all the emotions. All the feels. All of them.

The night started with me traveling through the swarms of Mozillians getting folks to sign a farewell card for Johnny Slates, my partner in crime for the majority of my Mozilla experience. A tough start. Tears were shed, but really they were thank you tears, in thanks for an awesome time shared at Mozilla.

Later, as I stood in a sea of Mozillians dancing, cheering and smiles all around, I was standing once again in tears. I was watching Mozillians letting loose. I was watching Mozillians get pumped for the future of the Internetz and our role in it. Even though I was listening to lyrics on topics that have brought Mozilla together and torn us apart all at the same time, we were dancing together and having fun.

I felt like I was watching my work family heal.

It was a very, very happy cry.

Thank you to my past, current and future Mozilla family members. To me, there is no old or new guard, just an ever evolving extended family.