My first month as Visual Designer with Mozilla Labs has been nothing short of funmazing.  I’ve basically been working solely on the elements of design that I love the most – logos and interfaces.  I’ve posted previously on the UI design I am working on for Personas, so I thought I’d share some of the logos that have been keeping me busy.



This was a fun challenge of recreating the softness of clouds using nothing but vector illustration.  Thanks to CS4 and the glory of opaque-to-transparent gradient mesh, thing worked out rather well.  I’ll be posting a step-by-step tutorial of how this one was created at a later date.



This was simply a small update to the previous logo I had created for Personas.  The fox mask received a new coat of polish and the leather strap received some lovin’ too.  The new unified Mozilla Labs wordmark was added as well.

Mozilla Labs Concept Series


Another challenge I was excited to tackle was illustrating glass in vector only.  I thought I’d update the Concept Series logo with some new active beakers, bubbling with action.  This logo isn’t fully completed as I’m going to be playing around with different colored liquids and adding much more “action” within.  Stay tuned!

Mozilla Add-ons


The latest logo in my list is for Mozilla Add-ons.  If you recognize the elements, they’re from my previous post showcasing the steampunked Fox with his arsenal of goodies.  You can’t beat the classy look of brass and leather together.  Classic!

Please let me know what your thoughts are on this set of logos.  Some are finalized, but feedback is always welcome as I look to future design challenges.