Mozilla is my dinosaur,
to keep me safe — that’s what he’s for.
When I’m asleep, lost in a dream,
my dino’s there, we’re quite a team.


He lets me be just who I choose,
as I live out stories, deep in snooze.
When sometimes on a cloud we roam,
He guards me close, it feels like home.


If bad guys show and pick a fight,
He starts to roar and sets them right.
He protects me always, my dino friend,
From sunset’s glow to nighttime’s end.


Wherever in my dreams I’m going,
It makes me feel safe just by knowing,
My dino does what’s best for me,
no matter what — I’m royalty!


I dream of nothing stopping me,
from being who I want to be,
And Mozilla is my dinosaur,
so I can dream a little more.


– For my kids (Inspired by them and one of the greatest influences on my life — Calvin and Hobbes)