Animated Personas? Sure!


When it comes to creating Personas for Firefox, most people don’t realize a wee little fun fact about the creation process.  If you create a few different frames at the proper dimensions for both the header and the footer, you can piece them together as an aPNG (the example Persona below has a description that says animated GIF, which will work locally for testing, but only aPNGs are accepted at  A handy add-on to use for the process is aPNG Edit, found at

Test out your creation using the “Custom Persona” preference, make sure it looks good to go, submit it to, and congratulations – you’ve just made an animated skin for your browser!

To see one in action, pop on over to my gallery and see the animated cloud example I recently posted. It is a quick little example, so feel free to better me and make some amazing (stick to the subtle side, no insane blinking please) background animations for Firefox!

I await your creative responses!