Showing More Skin: Personas Revisited, Part 2

As a quick update detailing where I am in the “play nice with Personas” revisions to the default Firefox 3 theme on OSX, I thought I’d share the preview below highlighting some of the changes to the toolbar buttons. *note: these theme changes will only be visible in the browser upon installing a future version of Personas.


As you can see, there are two sets of controls – one for light Personas and one for dark.  All of the opaque background color has been drained out, leaving a glassy shell for the Persona to shine through.  I’ll be testing to ensure the level of transparency is not too much of a visual distraction when identifying the button glyphs.  The level of frosted gloss may have to be enhanced to ensure enough separation of glyph from the selected background.  Opinions on this are always welcome.

Further changes will be posted this week!