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Animated Personas? Sure! | Reticulating Splines

Animated Personas? Sure!


When it comes to creating Personas for Firefox, most people don’t realize a wee little fun fact about the creation process.  If you create a few different frames at the proper dimensions for both the header and the footer, you can piece them together as an aPNG (the example Persona below has a description that says animated GIF, which will work locally for testing, but only aPNGs are accepted at getpersonas.com).  A handy add-on to use for the process is aPNG Edit, found at addons.mozilla.org.

Test out your creation using the “Custom Persona” preference, make sure it looks good to go, submit it to getpersonas.com, and congratulations – you’ve just made an animated skin for your browser!

To see one in action, pop on over to my gallery and see the animated cloud example I recently posted. It is a quick little example, so feel free to better me and make some amazing (stick to the subtle side, no insane blinking please) background animations for Firefox!

I await your creative responses!