Office Space


With the purchase of our new home in Nova Scotia (Note: We totally bought a home in Nova Scotia),  I’m going to be converting the shed in the back yard into a micro office. With the growing trend in working remotely, more and more folk are going all DIY and creating these wee little cabins of awesome. For me as a creative, being able to dart off into the back yard of our acre lot and stare out at the lake will be a huge boost for creative inspiration and all around calming of the nerves. 26

The shed we’re acquiring in the purchase is a great size for an office, but will require some modifications to get it just right.

I’ll be taking out the windows on the sides you see in the picture to the right and basically making the other two walls facing the lake into floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The door is now just a sliding locked door which will also need to be replaced as I’ll be insulating the shed with fully plastered walls and a hardwood floor.

It’s a bit of a task and I doubt I’ll get it done before the snow flies this year, but the research into conversion and finding examples of what others have done is super exciting. I’ll be sure to blog the process with each of the steps in the reno.

Much more to come!